The Book of Jeremiah

GOD has severely wounded His people.

GOD tells Jeremiah, our wounds are very severe.  Sadly, GOD is the one who wounded us! Even worse than this, HE also tells Jeremiah that our wounds are incurable!

This is not good news, it is the last news I expected to hear. Nevertheless, it is true.  It appears that there is no hope.  We are mere human-beings, so why did GOD inflict us with an incurable wound?

Unfortunately, it is because of the sinful things we are doing in our lives. As a result, when we sin, we also sin against HIM. In this way, our wounds never have time to heal.

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Consequently, we have been wounded so long, that our wound has become incurable.  Evidently, as a people we have grown accustom to the pain of our wounds. Or we are confused about what we need to do for GOD to heal us of our wounds.

First and foremost, we need to learn how to not sin against our GOD. Secondly, we need to learn how to stop sinning against our earthly siblings. Lastly, we need to learn to teach others about the character of GOD.

The best way to do this is to live in ways that reflect the character of GOD.  By doing these things, Jeremiah says GOD will turn his turn his anger away from us.

The fact is, we are a broken people.  For 400 years, we’ve lived in a land that is not our home.  We are in perpetual bondage to our captors in this world, but there is hope for us. YAH will heal our brokenness, if we start being obedient to HIM.

Join me as we discuss the brokenness of our people, and how to overcome it.

Resources: The Holy Bible – The New King James Version