GOD Makes Ezekiel A Watchman

GOD makes Ezekiel a Watchman to the tribes of Israel.  This means that Ezekiel is a Spiritual Watchman. It also means, all people who accepts the creator of all life as their GOD; are also Watchmen.

The question is, what is the significance of being a Watchman for GOD? Equally important, how do GOD’s people perform the duties of a Watchman in today’s times? Firstly, the job of a being GOD’s Watchman means you are the person who observe the actions of your fellow man.  When you see your fellow man doing something that is contrary to GOD’s instructions, it is your responsibility to warn them. The waring they receive should help them understand their soul could be loss if they don’t change their behavior.

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Secondly, GOD rewards the Watchman for correctly performing the duty of being HIS Watchman. In contrast, GOD also punishes the Watchman when they do not correctly perform their duty.

In these Lasts Days GOD still has HIS Watchmen walking through towns, and cities throughout the world. Nowadays, the Watchman’s warning cries have been muzzled by of the governments of the world.

As a result of the muzzle, hell has enlarged itself. Meaning hell is growing larger because people are losing their soul due to ignorance of GOD’s instructions.

Simultaneously, Ezekiel’s companions who are of later generations walking the earth, are seeing evidence of the prophetic famine now taking place. The prophetic famine is not for a lack of food or water. Instead, it is a starvation for the knowledge of GOD.

Nevertheless, GOD has instructed the Watchman to continue sounding the alarm, even in the Last Days.  The reason for this, is because it is not GOD’s desire that a single soul should perish in hell.  As long as parson has life, there is hope for the soul to repent.

Join me as we search for understanding of how the Watchman is working in our lives today.  Are we heeding the warning calls of the Watchman?

Resources: The Holy Bible – The New King James Version