Sin & Wickedness Is Result Of Flesh Disease

The Book of Leviticus GOD explains Sin and Wickedness is the result of a Flesh Disease. And He says only one cure exists for both of them. GOD also says the Human-race consists of only two categories of people, the righteous and the unrighteous. Therefore,  .

First of all, you should find out what category of the Human-race you are in. Secondly, based on your category you can test to find out if you have a Flesh Disease. The test is a self-examination test based on your actions in your life. Thirdly, if your diagnosis is positive, you decide to get cured or not get cured of Flesh Disease.

Subsequently, you are in control of whether or not you get cured of Flesh Disease. Therefore, your treatment time to cure your disease is self-determined. With this in mind, the efforts you make to become cured is strictly between you and GOD.

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Generally, my experiences show that most adults in the world suffer with Flesh Disease. Partly because they are not aware of the disease, or they don’t how to cure it.  I was not aware I had Flesh Disease until my thirty-third birthday. I did lots of research to find a cure. In that moment My desire to break the control the disease was holding on life was liberating, and life changing.

This Podcast Episode provides details on the diagnosis of the human Flesh Disease, and the effects of it. It explains how to recognize if you have it and how to cure it. If you choose to accept the cure for it, you can expect it to change you and liberate you in ways you never expected to happen. Good luck!

Resources: Holy Bible – The New King James Version