GOD Is Angry At The Shepherds of HIS Flock

GOD is angry at the Shepherds of HIS flock.  Because of this, HE tells Ezekiel that HE is going to punish the Shepherds for abusing HIS flock. The flock are the descendants of Jacob, otherwise known as the Tribes of Israel.

GOS’s declaration to Ezekiel of punishing HIS Shepherds is actually taking place now. The Shepherds are the people GOD has allowed to have leadership roles over HIS people. Their rule began in the 1619, and their guidelines to rule over GOD’s people is given in Torah.

However, the Shepherds of GOD’s flock refuses to follow the instructions in Torah, while caring for them. Instead of taking care of the flock, they abuse them, improperly feed them, and is cruel to them.

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For the most part, the flock rebelled against GOD, when they were living in their inherited land. As with all children who rebel against their parents, the time comes when the parent deals with their rebellion.

In this case, GOD’s way of punishing HIS rebellious children was by booting them out of their land. In other words, HE kicked them out of the house and into the world, via the Atlantic Slave Trade. When the flock realized the error of rebelling against their Father, they cried to HIM to forgive them.

Still, HE turned HIS back on them. And refused to listen to their cries of regret, sorrow and pleas to come home.  Though it hurt HIM to abandon them for a season, HE decided they needed to learn their lesson.

In part, their rebellion against HIM was due to their desire to live like the Gentile nations around them. They didn’t know that the Gentile nations, hate and despise them because their GOD loves and protect them. Meaning, the Gentile nations are jealous of them. And they can’t see it, because their flesh controls their desires for the things they see and feel.

Additionally, Ezekiel finds out the Shepherds plotted to steal the inherited land of GOD’s flock. GOD tells Ezekiel, the Gentile nations plot against HIS flock because of an ancient hatred of them. For this reason, HIS punishment of the Gentile nations is going to be very severe.

Join me, as Ezekiel shows us how GOD is punishing the Shepherds of HIS flock. Learn what is going to happen to the Shepherds and the flock in these days we are living in.

Resources: The Holy Bible NKJV (The New King James Version)