Rosh Hashanah

GOD’s Feast Days, are days GOD has set apart as HIS Feast Days.  In other words, GOD says these Feasts times belongs to HIM. Therefore, HE commands all who worship HIM to participate in Rosh Hashanah. Leviticus 23 and Number 28 specifically identifies the name, dates and months of GOD”s Feast Days.

Foremost, GOD tells us the significance of each feast day, and how we must celebrate it. Of greater importance, GOD says Rosh Hashanah requires a specific animal sacrifice. In fact, all of GOD’s Feast Days requires an animal sacrifice.

Christianity teach the GOD’s Feast days was done away with. In contrast, Judaism teach, GOD’s Feast Days are still relevant, and will remain so until the Messiah comes.

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Both of these religions claim to worship the same GOD, yet, they seem polarized on the words of GOD. For instance, Judaism teach the Tanakh is the inspired word of GOD, and does not teach about Jesus. On the other hand, Christianity teach about Jesus, but not the word of GOD.

All things considered, I’ve read the Tanakh, and the Holy Bible, and they both point to each other.  In this way, the writings in each book agree with what is written in each book.  In other words, writings in the Tanakh support the writings in the Holy Bible, to include Revelation.

I am perplexed. Should I keep GOD’s Feast Days or not?  Join me, as I examine the feast day of Rosh Hashanah. Why would GOD tell us to do Rosh Hashanah every year, yet make it difficult to perform the sacrifices for it? What does it all mean, and why is it so cryptic?

Resources: Holy Bible New King James Version