The Book of Jonah

Jonah argues with GOD regarding the wicked city of Nineveh.  Even now, the story of Jonah amazes me as I see he friendship between Jonah and GOD.

The book of Jonah takes you on a journey that reveals a human personality of GOD.  To illustrate, GOD gave Jonah an assignment to accomplish in Nineveh.  Instead of going to Nineveh, Jonah decides to run away from GOD and the assignment in Nineveh.

Despite the fact that GOD is his creator, and the creator of the universe, Jonah disagrees with GOD.  In Jonah’s opinion, Nineveh needs to be destroyed because it is so wicked.  This is why he purchased a ticket for a ship traveling the opposite direction of Nineveh.

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Last but not least, Jonah hid in the hull of the ship, thinking that he could hide from GOD. Laugh of loud (LOL)! Jonah is a prophet! His earthly dad is a prophet; the nerve of him to think he can hide from GOD!

In the end, Johan argues with GOD, and states his case in defense of his actions.  His argument is that GOD is too compassionate, too loving, and too merciful, among other things.

These are the very reasons Jonah loves GOD. In other words, Jonah thinks GOD should only love those who loves HIM.  For this reason, Jonah sits on a hill overlooking the city, and waits for GOD to obliterate Nineveh.

Join me as we study the book of Jonah.  Will GOD reason with Jonah, and show mercy on him for being disobedient in his task with Nineveh?  There are many modern-day Nineveh’s in our world today. Will GOD continue, continue to deal with modern-day Nineveh’s as he dealt with ancient Nineveh?

Resources:  The Holy Bible The New King James Version