The Book of Ezekiel

GOD shows Ezekiel that he is the mouth of GOD, he spoke the words GOD told him to say.  One painful thing GOD said is that our ancestors became as dross to HIM.  As detailed in versus 18-22, once, they were the most precious jewel and metal to him; but not now.

As a way of comparison, their wicked ways, their worship of idols, and their insatiable greed have debased them.  Not only is GOD angry at them but HE is also emotionally hurt by their betrayal.

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The Kings no longer studied Torah

Ezekiel understands the problem. Apart from ministering to GOD, the priests were also required to teach the Kings of Israel.  The most important duty of each King was to study and learn Torah, directly from the Priests.  In this way, he had no excuses for not ruling in righteous judgements over GOD’s people.

Rather than the Priests teaching the Kings, they let the Babylonian priests join their tribe. In this way, the Babylonian Priests lead the Levitical Priests into idol worship, wicked judgements, and financial greed. The more corrupt the Priesthood became, the more corrupt the Kings and leaders of GOD’s people became.

GOD searched for someone to plead for Judah

Ezekiel tells us that GOD looked for someone to stand in between HIM and the Land of Jerusalem. In other words, GOD wanted someone to plead for Jerusalem. Perhaps HE would have spared Jerusalem and the people, but he found no one.

Ezekiel provides detailed history of why GOD was so angry with the tribes of Israel, and in particular Judah. GOD’s anger with Judah was kindled more than 2000 years ago. In recent years, GOD’s anger has cooled and now HE is calling Judah to return to HIM.

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