Understanding the Book of Ezekiel

GOD tells Ezekiel a riddle regarding two eagles and a twig.  One eagle plucked a twig from a cedar tree in Lebanon and took it to a land of commerce. The eagle planted seeds that fell from the twig by a very watery area of land.

Later, a different eagle came along and plucked up a twig from the tree in the watery area. This second eagle replanted some of the seed in more fertile soil near the same watery area.  In regards to both eagles, GOD asks Ezekiel if the planted seeds will live or die. GOD says the seed planted by the first eagle will die.  However, the seed planted by the second eagle will thrive.

Lastly, the riddle ends with GOD replanting a young tender branch from one of the cedar trees. This twig will grow strong and birds of every type will rest in it.

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How Is This Riddle Relevant To Today’s Times?

GOD does not waste HIS time or words with telling HIS Prophets to give us a riddle for irrelevant reasons.  Subsequently, everything HE tells HIS Prophets to say has a spiritual meaning connected to it.

As a result of this, mankind connects to GOD through the Spirit of GOD. The reason for this is because GOD is Spirit. Therefore, HIS connection to mankind happens through HIS Spirit. Don’t forget, when GOD created man, HE breathed into his nostrils, and man became a living soul. GOD’s breath is HIS Spirit.

GOD also gives Ezekiel a lamentation to give to HIS people. And a detailed description of why each person dies for their own sins and not the sins of others. This Podcast analyzes the riddle, the lamentation, and understanding sins of death, and obedience that leads ot life.

At the end of the day, each of these topics are relevant to the times we are living in. Join me as we decipher the riddle and lamentation GOD gives Ezekiel. And uncover the mystery of the messages and the relevance they have in our times.

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