GOD Tells Ezekiel That Israel and Judah Are Lewd

GOD tells Israel they are lewd, and HE is fed up with their behavior. HE tells Ezekiel to let Israel know their lewd acts with their pagan neighbors are not hidden from Him.  In this particular case, GOD is specifically talking to the tribe of Judah, but HE also reminds them that all of the tribes are lewd.

Ezekiel points out to Judah that her sister, Israel, also did lewd acts against GOD. On account of their lewdness, GOD sent the Assyrians to attack Israel and drive them out of the land.  Now, 700 years later, it pains GOD that Judah has followed the steps of her sister, Israel.

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Ezekiel describes the lewd acts of Israel and Judah. HE provides vivid details of their lewd acts. That being the case, their lewd behavior is on display for the whole world to see.

Largely, their acts of lewdness are both spiritual and physical. It is physical due to sexual immorality, and spiritual because of idol worship. In addition to the idol worship, they are sacrificing GOD’s children to their idol gods.

Even though GOD was angry at Israel for what they did, on the other hand HE is beyond angry at Judah. Firstly, because Judah should have known better, as they had their sister’s demise as an example. Lastly, GOD personalizes the disappointment and pain HE feels, because of Judah’s behavior.

Yah (aka GOD) says that HE is going to punish Tyre for their role in corrupting Israel and Judah. HE is going to cleanse them of their lewd behavior once and for all! GOD’s way of cleansing them is by scattering them into all the pagan nations on earth.

Repentance is required by Israel and Judah

Will GOD’s plan to cleanse Israel and Judah of lewd behavior work? Come join me as we realize the effects of Israel and Judah living among their gentile captors.

Resources: Holy Bible New King James Version