Understanding The Book of  Ezekiel

GOD is very angry with Israel. If we read the Book of Ezekiel we find not only is HE angry, He is also very hurt by their behavior towards HIM.  From a human perspective, it is very hard to relate to the gravity of the pain and anger a living GOD has towards the human-race.

GOD is all powerful, all knowing and, able to do anything for any reason, and HE answers to no one. Therefore, the question is why? Why should GOD feel anger and heartache because of the way us humans behave towards him?  The reason is because GOD also have the same human characteristics we humans have.

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How GOD Views The Nation of Israel

Remember, GOD created the human-race in HIS image.  Consequently, the human race has the ability to feel heartache, joy, compassion, love, excitement, hate, physical and emotional pain.

This Podcast Episode of Ezekiel magnifies the human characteristics of GOD.  Particularly in chapter sixteen; GOD tells Israel that her brazen adulterous ways are worse than the common harlot. As I read this chapter, it was as though I was witnessing a very heated and passionate husband telling off his spouse.

Yet, in the end, GOD declares to Israel, who is his spouse, that HE will remain married to her.  Still, HE said HE was going to stay married to her because of HIS commitment to keep HIS promise, after all HE is a GOD, and not flesh.

In so much as this relationship between GOD and the human-race is described and experienced as a physical relationship, it is in deed a Spiritual relationship.  Israel, the spouse, is a nation of people and not one particular person.  Therefore, the marriage is between a living GOD and a nation of people.

Come join me as we explore this mysterious and fascinating relationship between GOD and a nation of people.  By understanding this marriage, we will discover how it impacts the lives of the entire human-race, on a daily basis.

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