Understanding the Book of Ezekiel

When I first read the book of Ezekiel it was very confusing to me. I was awed by the 4 living creatures. And I neglected to see the most important event, the timeline. For this reason, I turned to GOD and asked HIM to give me understanding of the Book.

The timeline shows that Ezekiel is already in the Babylonian captivity, when he is standing by the River Chebar.  The visions GOD shows him is in regards to a future captivity that Judah and Israel will go into.

Meanwhile, the Prophet Daniel is also in captivity with Ezekiel during this time period. The visions that GOD shows Daniel concerns the future Kingdoms that will control the world for 2300 years.

How do the visions of these 2 prophets connect, and what relevance are they in today’s events on earth? The past 6 months of 2020 has been tumultuous and will become more painful. In other words, things are not going to get better, and mankind need to prepare themselves for it.

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A Future Captivity

For centuries, GOD has been warning mankind that HE is going to shake the earth one final time.  For the most part, mankind has not been listening. Is it too late to start listening; although very little time is left to prepare for what is coming.

Noah preached to the people for 150 years, warning them a great flood was going to destroy the earth. The people refused to listen and they all drowned in the flood; only 8 people survived. This time, GOD appointed 2300 years to warn mankind that the world as we know it is ending. Mankind is still not listening.

Ezekiel takes us to the past, brings us to the current, and shows us the future.  These visions reveal that imminent changes are at our door. What can you do to prepare yourself?


Resources: Holy Bible New King James Version