GOD’s Feast Days Sukkot is the most social and enjoyable of all of GOD’s Feast Days!  Sukkot is the feast festival when Yeshua (aka Jesus Christ) was born.  Sukkot, brings all the family together, under one banner, to eat, dance, praise GOD and rejoice before HIM.

The modern times celebration of this feast day is strongly connected to the Kabbalistic representation of the Lulav.  As a result of this, many people who celebrate Sukkot often purchase their Lulavs from the country of Israel in advance of this High Holy day.

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The Lulav

The Lulav is deeply connected to celebrating Sukkot, because of YAH’s instruction to wave palm branches during this celebration. It follows that a true Lulav can only come from Israel.  That being the case, Israel maintains the agriculture, and production of the Lulav. Therefore, the yearly export of the Lulav around the world for Sukkot generates huge income for the country.

My experience with this High Holy Day makes me giddy to celebrate it. I like how the Lulav explains waving the palm branches. I earned the Kabbalist teachings about Lulav is steeped in mysticism. Thus, the purpose of the Lulav in Sukkot celebrations causes deep self-evaluation of one’s relationship with YAH.

More importantly, Sukkot brings families together under GOD’s banner.  Meaning, this celebration is HIS feast day. And HE instructed that all of HIS family meet for these 8 days of celebrating.

The Gospels of Matthew, and Luke shows Yeshua (aka Jesus Christ) was born in a Sukkah during this celebration. Also, Ezekiel, and other prophets shows us Sukkot will be celebrated forever. In other words, it will never cease to be celebrated in the future generations.

On the first and eighth day of Sukkot, YAH said we are to meet together for a Holy Convocation. These two days are Sabbath days of complete rest from work. Many people go camping, and have cookouts around a lake. Some build Sukkahs in their yards, in this way the children get to participate in building and decorating it. Still, others sleep under the sky, count the stars, and share their testimonies about YAH’s blessings in their lives.

Come join me, as we learn about the importance of celebrating Sukkot, and the significance of it as we seek to do HIS instructions.

Resources:  The Holy Bible – The New King James Version