Hebrew Israelite Covenant

  1. Seek understanding from GOD
  2. Recognize you cannot change history – GOD designed it this way
  3. Start living the covenant life that our ancestors agreed to, which is to be the light of GOD to the world
  4. Place all your troubles, worries and concerns in GOD’s hands. Wait for HIM to fight your battles

Seek understanding from GOD

Firstly, being Hebrew-Israelite means you are in a Covenant with GOD. Secondly, the Covenant is generational, meaning you and your descendants are married to GOD. Thirdly, seek knowledge from GOD regarding the details of the covenant, so that you can begin to fulfill your part regarding it. Lastly, humble yourself before GOD and ask HIM to forgive you of your sins and strengthen you to walk away from them

Recognize you cannot change history – GOD designed it this way

When our ancestors broke their part of GOD’s covenant, the curses announced in Deuteronomy went into effect. In order to understand these curses, I suggest you read a good Bible. I recommend the KJV, without the Elizabethan language. Read the first 5 books, which are Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus and Deuteronomy.  When you read these books, remember you are witnessing the personal relationship between the living GOD and your ancestors.

In Genesis, chapter 15:13-16, you see the prophesy GOD gives our father Abraham regarding our 400 years captivity/slavery. Also, GOD set a specific time for bringing us out of captivity, and back to the land of Israel. More importantly, the Atlantic Slave trade was written into our history with the finger of GOD before our birth. Consequently, we cannot change history, because GOD designed it this way even before the covenant at Mount Sinai.

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A Covenant with GOD is a marriage

The Covenant that our Ancestors made with GOD are detailed in the books of Exodus, Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy. In short, the covenant is a marriage agreement to be the living GOD. The covenant applies to the descendants of all the tribes of Israel.  The covenant is eternal, meaning it passes from generation to generation of the descendants of Israel.

IF Israel is to be GOD’s light in the world, then she must learn how to become GOD’s light. In order to do this, she must master the trait of humility.  This is because humility requires taming the flesh, and taming the flesh requires being in constant prayer with GOD. And rely on GOD for strength to control the tongue, and not re-act with anger in any situation.

Place all your troubles, worries and concerns in GOD’s hands. Wait for HIM to fight your battles.

As you master the trait of humility, it becomes easier to place your troubles, and concerns into GOD’s hands. The more you trust in HIM you will begin to see GOD fighting your battles for you. There is nothing as sweet as GOD fighting your battles for you!

Nevertheless, when we witness the outcome of GOD doing battle for us, we must maintain a humble heart.  We are not to shout, dance and gloat about other peoples demise when GOD deals with them. Instead, we are to give GOD praises and thank HIM for doing what we could never accomplish without HIM.

Resources: Holy Bible the New King James Version