Ezekiel is Priest and Prophet

Ezekiel is both a priest of GOD and a prophet of GOD. While he is in captivity under King Nebuchadnezzar, he suddenly receives a vision from GOD.  In the vision Ezekiel sees the throne of GOD and the chariot of GOD.

The wheels on GOD’s chariot are spiritual and they have living eyes around the rims. Therefore, they see things in every direction within their circumference.  Four living creatures comes from the north sky on a cloud of fire and stand in front of Ezekiel. The four living creatures have two wings on each side of his body and four faces on one head.  Each have a face of a man, a face of an ox, a face of an eagle, and a face of a lion. Their legs are straight, and their feet are like the soles of calves.

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Ezekiel is astounded with how the 4 Living Creatures move

The creatures only move forward, according to the direction of the spirit of GOD. For instance, when the spirit wants to move, the face looking in that direction will guide the chariot. Imagine the head as a four-sided cube; each side of the cube has a different face.

Also, the four creatures have the hands of a man on their sides, but their hands are obscured by their wings. The creatures move fast as lighting, and their colors are like burnished bronze.

Ezekiel’s prophecy is triangular. He connects the past, present and future events to the fullness of GOD’s plan of redemption for mankind. Join me as I analyze the first eight chapters of the Book of Ezekiel. GOD uses him to show spiritual connections from the past, to the present, and the final future result.

Resources: Holy Bible New King James Version