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Satan is targeting the tribes of Judah & Israel & Gentiles Believers in Yeshua

The persecution that is about to come upon the people of God is NOT the fault of the people whom Satan is using to fulfill his purpose. Instead, the hand of God is allowing these things to happen. God is in control of the timeline of all things. A limited amount of time is allotted for all His prophecies to be fulfilled. Currently, the Gentiles are fulfilling their time period. As a result of this, they are trampling Jerusalem. And even though the world does not consider the Ashkenazi Jews to be Gentiles, the Bible, and historical research show they are indeed Gentiles.

The following topics provide a clear picture of these last days in Biblical prophecy.

  1. Psalm 83 A diabolical plot to steal God’s Land and the Heritage of Judah and Israel.
  2. Levitical Priesthood infiltrated.
  3. God Condemned the Pharisees.
  4. Yeshua Condemned the Pharisees.
  5. Talmud and Noahide laws are writings of men, NOT God.
  6. Satan’s targets are the Tribes of Judah, Israel, and Gentiles who have faith in the Messiah.
  7. How can we know the Ashkenazi Jews are not the Priests of God?
  8. Wake Up Judah, it’s time to roar.

Psalm 83: A Diabolical Plot to steal God’s Land and the heritage of Judah and Israel.

When I read Psalm 83, it is very clear to me that Psalm 83 is telling Judah and Israel, that God is aware of a plot by the Gentile nations to steal the heritage of His people, Judah and Israel. God is also opening the eyes of His people to this plot. Currently, the Pope’s agenda is to make Sunday, the 1st day of the week, the official day of worship. And the agenda of the Zionist/Orthodox Jewish Sect in Israel is to enforce Noahide laws, via the teachings of Talmud, on the entire non-Jews population in the world.

Levitical Priesthood infiltrated.

In Ezra 2:61 King Cyrus gave a declaration order to let the people of Judea return to Jerusalem, and rebuild the Temple of God. Ezra took a census of the names of the families returning to Judea. Of this census, it was discovered that there were 42,360 men who claimed to be Priests from the tribe of Levi, but they could not prove their genealogy to the Levitical Tribe.

As detailed above, the genealogical proof was vital to the Levitical Covenant with God. Without the genealogical proof, Godly leadership for the people would eventually cease to exist.  As. a result of this, Ezra restricted them from performing priestly duties. He did permit them to preform duties of physical services in the temple, however.

Nehemiah discovered the Levitical Priesthood became corrupted. They brought in pagan idols and worshiped pagan gods. Nehemiah attempted to clean the priesthood by taking away their pagan idols. Nehemiah, prayed to God and asked God to remember him for trying to clean up the priesthood. Nehemiah became very distressed that these false priests had broken the covenant between the Levitical tribe and God.

God condemned the Pharisees for teaching Talmud

In Isaiah 28: 11-14, God says, “So that all prophecy has been to you like the words of a sealed document. If it is handed to one who can read, he will say I can’t read it because it is sealed; and if the document is handed to one who cannot read, saying “Read this please, he will say I’m illiterate, I can’t read.”

Therefore, the Lord said: Insomuch as this people approach Me with their mouths, and honor Me with their lips, but have kept their hearts far from Me, and their worship of Me has been the commandments of men, taught by rote (repetition from memory often without attention to meaning). Truly, I shall further baffle that people with bafflement upon bafflement, and the wisdom of its wise shall fail, and the prudent of its prudent shall vanish.”

God made this statement to them because the Pharisees could not read the Hebrew words of Torah. This is why they created Talmud. And concocted the lie that God gave them an oral Torah. Ask yourself the question; if God had given them an oral Torah, then why would he condemn them for teaching the oral Torah?

Yeshua condemned the Pharisees for teaching Talmud.

The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, is filled with many instances of verbal confrontations between Yeshua and the Pharisees. Their verbal disagreements was alway about contradictions between the written words of Torah. Which God gave to Moses, and the writings of Talmud. Which the Pharisees and scribes wrote. Yeshua said the Pharisees are generations of snakes, and their parents are generations of snakes.

The Pharisees could not read the Hebrew Torah scroll.  They wrote the Talmud and claimed it to be the oral law given to them by God. Talmud teachings are elevated above Torah.

Talmud and Noahide laws are writings of men NOT God

Very interestingly, the Preface to the 1985 -1999 JPS Tanakh validates the fact that Torah is the writings of men. “Bible translation began about 2200 years ago, in the 3rd century B.C.E. as the large Jewish population of Alexandria, Egypt, came under influence of Hellenism. “The Greek language replaced Hebrew and Aramaic because the Hebrew Torah could not be understood”.

“In the last few centuries B.C.E., the Jews who lived to the north and east of Judea, also found the Hebrew Bible difficult to understand; because their spoken language had become largely Aramaic. Translations to Aramaic, first of the Torah and then of the rest of the Bible, became known as the Targums. The Christian translators also were influenced by the interpretation of the Hebrew text set forth in the Targums (much of it in the oral form at that time), and by the writings of the Jewish Philosopher-interpreter, Philo of Alexandria (died about 45 C.E.).”

There is a book titled The Non-Torah, Exposing the Mythology of Divine Oral Torah, published by The International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS). I strongly recommend my listeners purchase and read this book. It provides an in-depth explanation of why the claim that God gave an Oral Torah to anybody is a false claim.

Satan is targeting Judah, Israel, and Gentiles who have faith in Yeshua.

45 years after the execution of the Messiah, animal atonement for forgiveness of the sins of man came to an end.  Since this time period, man have been unable to approach God with the appropriate sacrifice to ask God to forgive them of their sins. However, Yeshua did provide a way for mankind to directly ask God to forgive us of our sins, If we ask for it in His name.  Many people, both Jews and Gentiles are now aware of this through what is written in the gospels of the John, Luke Mark, and Matthew.

God’s people are also aware that the requirements that applied strictly to the Levitical Priesthood, no longer apply today. The priestly order today is through Melchizedek, and Yeshua has fulfilled that role. However, all the rest of the commandments of God still apply.  God never gave one set of instructions to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and a different set of instructions to all other people. Satan is very much aware of these facts. In order to identify who are keeping the commandments of God, and have accepted Yeshua as their Messiah, Satan must produce a process to find them. That process is Sunday worship  and denial that Yeshua is the Messiah, and Sacrificial Lamb of God.

God’s identifying mark on His people is the 7th day Sabbath. Their ability to daily ask God to forgive them of their sins can only be accomplished by asking God to do so in the name of Yeshua their Messiah.  Satan knows, this group of people will not easily submit to Sunday worship, neither will they deny Yeshua as their sacrificial lamb to present to God when they ask anything of Him.

How can we be sure these Ashkenazi Jews are not the people of God?

First, we examine their fruit. If their fruit is good then they have the spirit of God within them. If their fruit is bad, they do not have the spirit of God within them. Matthew 7: is the standard for testing if someone’s fruit is good or bad. Today’s Pharisees go by the name of Zionists/Ultra-Orthodox. They are not descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are descendants of Japheth, the youngest son of Noah. They converted to Ultra-Orthodox Judaism during the 1st Century C.E. Therefore, they are not of the Levitical Priesthood line of Aaron. The Ashkenazi Jews are not who they claim to be.

Second, today’s Pharisees claim God gave 7 Noahide laws as a standard of morality for all Non-Jews to live by; there is no biblical evidence of this. Punishment for breaking these Noahide laws is based on the teachings of Talmud. There is no biblical evidence that God gave Talmud or Noahide laws to anybody.

Furthermore, the book of Ezekiel; 40-48. God shows GOD and the Messiah will be the new temple.  The Levites will not minister before GOD because they broke their covenant with Him, and led Judah and Israel into captivity

Wake Up Judah, It’s Time to Roar!.

GOD is waking the Judah and Israel up to their identity. Now is the time to unite and turn our hearts to God. Daily, search the scriptures for God’s instructions to us. Obey God and perform His requirements of us. This will be the key to our release from captivity.

Judah, Israel, and Gentiles who love the Messiah; we need to do what Yeshua told us to do. We need to watch, and always be in a constant state of praying.  Let’s turn our hearts to God and ask Him to forgive us of our sins.  We also need to ask Him to forgive the sins of our forefathers. This will indicate to God that we recognize the errors our forefathers did against Him, and we will not repeat them.

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